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ShopToWoo are of a team of Expert WooCommerce Specialists. We specialize in migrating Shopify websites to WooCommerce in an effort to save the client money, provide a faster and more secure site that is scalable and extendable with no additional transaction or hosting costs. WooCommerce offers state of the art SEO technology using schema.org. In a world where the uninitiated Shop Owner does not have the wherewithal to find a true WooCommerce Specialist (never an easy task), we solve this problem by offering our services from accredited, experienced experts with repeated and proven track records of producing successful solutions without the sales hype. 

The Shopify Problem

Shopify is a very slick hosted platform that makes it easy for the uninitiated shop owner to put up an e-Commerce site fast. Sounds great but there are lots of pitfalls within this platform.

Consider the following...

  • Expensive and inflexible themes
  • Expensive Apps for basic additional functionality
  • Shopify's notorious vendor lock-in: You pay extra transaction fees if you are not using the Shopify Payment Processor or Point of Sale
  • Migrating your store onto a new platform can be expensive and cumbersome
  • Shopify Themes are very rigid and difficult to implement highly customizable design changes often prohibiting you from future theme updates and possibly breaking your site
  • Slow Loading Sites! Shopify themes are very heavy, they make too many external calls to scripts, thus making your site run slowly
  • Poor SEO Technology!
  • Unable to customize the checkout process!

The WooCommerce Solution

Why WooCommerce?

  • No Vendor Lock-in, WooCommerce is free and open source and you can access all design and data files without issue and at anytime
  • The best Studio Grade Theme and Page Builder Plugins out of any CMS Platform on the market – you can customize the design to your hearts content and never have to worry about future Theme and Plugin updates breaking your site or design
  • A Fast Site – perhaps nothing is as important in today’s online commerce than site speed – Our Sites load in under 2 seconds, including this one! View Stats Here
  • Free and Premium Add-Ons with Powerful Features for a fraction of the cost that you would pay on Shopify
  • Hosting with unlimited store products for only $29 USD/Mo
  • No Extra Fees! You can use any payment processor or Point of Sale available to Woo and never worry that there will be any additional Hosting or Transaction Fees!

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